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Established in 2011, Light Refinery Studios was created primarily as a home for development of the Road Trip Earth travel series.  As we continue with exciting new episodes of Road Trip Earth we are also developing new content with Craft Brew Nation currently in the early stages of production. Years of shooting in exotic locations and rugged terrain around the world has made for a confident and able team eager to take on challenging production in any environment.

Interview Beach

Ernie Little is the founding producer and photographer at Light Refinery Studios in Nelson, New Zealand.  From childhood the iconic imagery of the American West inspired and affected him deeply setting in motion a life of travel and exploration.  The desire to document and share these adventures through photography persists as the driving force at Light Refinery Studios.

Ken Kresge is the co-creator, producer and director of the travel documentary series “Road Trip Earth”.  Friends since high school, Ernie and Ken have shared the desire for adventure and the drive to explore our world for decades.  Many years and many miles later this collaboration has culminated in the creation of the “Road Trip Earth” series.

Chad Heird is another old friend, road tripper and contributing photographer at Light Refinery Studios. He currently lives and works in New York City.



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